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  • Tom Ford Frames

    Designer eyewear: discover Tom Ford frames their stylish collection Whether you know him as a hotshot Hollywood director or an award-winning fashion designer, one thing you’re bound to already understand about Tom Ford is his impeccable sense of style. Sophisticated, timeless, sleek and practical, his eponymous fashion brand has never failed to hit the right
  • Jimmy Choo Frames

    Designer eyewear: everything you need to know about Jimmy Choo frames Jimmy Choo may be most renowned for its shoes (made famous by Carrie Bradshaw and co), but the luxury designer brand has plenty more stylish gems to offer. From handbags and scarves to jewellery and fragrances, the household name has added lots of strings
  • Come along to our Maui Jim open day

    Visit us on the Saturday 20th May and enjoy 20% off Maui Jim sunglasses! Summer is on its way, and if you’re anything like us then you’re already planning how to make the most of the sun. Exotic holidays, neighbourhood barbecues, family day-trips – you’ve got lots of ideas for enjoying the coming months. We want
  • The Eyedeal Vision Guide to protecting yourself in the sun

    Here comes the sun – and with it the boiling rays of sunlight that could damage your eyes. That’s right, as the sunny season makes itself known, it’s time to slap on that sun cream, put on a baseball cap (especially if you’re bald), don those prescription sunglasses and stay in the shade when the
  • Eyedrops Explained

    Please use this information to explain the application of eye drops to your customers. Just so you understand a little more about your eye drops, allow us to explain their purpose and why it’s vital that you apply them properly. Your eye drops can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including hay fever,
  • Internal Practice Refit

    Our new refit. Temporary shop front look, internal stripout of the room and retail space.  
  • Train Journey & Our Practice

    Something I heard recentlyabout our practice, piqued my interest. Two people, possibly friends, sitting behind me on the train were having a conversation about visiting their opticians. As far as I could ascertain one of them had just recently bought a new pair of glasses. It’s fair to say that their conversation caught my ear
  • Screen use is on the rise

    With screen use on the rise, make sure you take care of your eyes! Nowadays we tend to live much of our lives through a screen. We spend our time in the office working, we relax, we watch our favourite soaps, we text, use social media and manage our relationships and interactions through a screen.
  • Buying glasses: in practice or online?

    Buying glasses: in practice or online? With the rise of the Internet, buying yourself a new pair of glasses (or anything really!) has never been easier. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Compared to buying your glasses in practice, purchasing glasses online isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Dry Eye

    What is dry eye syndrome? Dry eye syndrome is a condition where your tears evaporate too quickly or your eyes are not making enough tears to properly lubricate your eyes. If it’s not treated it can have some very serious complications for your vision. It is more common with age and typically affects people around
  • Contact Lens

    How long can you safely wear a contact lens for on a daily basis? Does the expiry date really mean anything? -Contact lens ‘safe’ wearing time will be different for everyone -depends on quality and quantity of your tears, the material the lenses are made of, and allergies -never wear specific types of lenses for
  • Kids go free back to school eye test

    Kids go Free – Back to school eye test Saturday 20th August 2016 20% off all Kids Frames Make sure your child is ready to go back to school with a FREE kids eye test and 20% off children’s frames from Eyedeal Vision Dear Mums and Dads. You’ve gone out and bought the new pencil
  • Sunglasses

    Let your advanced sunglasses technology care for your eyes this summer. Sunglasses and their in-built technology continually pride themselves on constantly giving your eyes the protection they need from the sun. Sunglasses which are polarised have developed state-of-the-art lens technology to powerfully defend your eyes from the harmful elements of sunlight, whilst enhancing your vision.
  • Personalised

    Do you move your head to see clearly through your lenses? Get our personalised lenses instead Getting crystal clear vision from your personalised glasses will require little effort. But if you have complex visual needs, you may have found in the past that your varifocals or general purpose glasses have been difficult to get used
  • Sports

    Could your sports eyewear be stopping you from achieving your sporting goals? When it comes to your favourite sport or sports, it’s natural to want to perform at your very best. You probably spend time training and fine tuning your skills. However, without good eye health it may not be your technique that is holding
  • Face Shape

    Our top tips on picking a new glasses frame to suit your face shape. When picking out glasses you should think about your strongest facial features, and more importantly your face shape. These will determine the type of glasses that suit you and draw attention to particular parts of your face, like the cheekbones or
  • Child

    Did you know that a child with poor eye health at a young age could potentially affect your child’s vision for the rest of their life? Your child’s eyesight is extremely precious. By ensuring that your child has an eye examination at least once a year, you can make sure their eyesight in the future
  • Blue Light

    Your electronic devices could be disturbing your sleep by the amount of ‘Blue Light’ your exposed to. Have you noticed that when you use an electronic device, there is an additional coloured light coming from it? That’s because smartphones, TVs and computers all emit blue light. But did you know that this could be affecting
  • Transition

    Wouldn’t your life be easier if your glasses automatically changed to sunnies? Say hello to transition lenses If there’s one thing we know for sure about British summer, it is that it will be unpredictable. So you’ll probably need both your regular glasses and prescription sunglasses at hand for the next few months. However, remembering
  • Polarised Lenses

    Is glare a problem when you’re taking part in your favourite outdoor activities? Polarised sunglasses can help you Is reflective glare something that you struggle with when you’re out in the sun? Glare can not only be distracting, but can even become dangerous in certain situations, such as when you’re driving. Thankfully, polarised sunglasses can
  • Spectralis

    Spectralis – Get your eye health thoroughly checked at EyeDeal Vision with the latest technologies When it comes to looking after your eyesight, we’re sure that you want your health to be screened by the most high tech spectralis equipment available. That’s why at EyeDeal Vision, you’ll find a state-of-the-art Spectralis OCT machine. But what
  • Visioffice

    Visioffice- You’ll get your head and eyes measured within 0.5mm at EyeDeal Vision, to make sure that your new glasses and lenses fit perfectly Isn’t it annoying when you get home and your new glasses don’t fit as snugly as you’d hoped? At EyeDeal Vision, we understand. It’s happened to all of us at some
  • UV

    Do your sunglasses actually protect your eyes from UV? Ever since UV sunglasses were introduced in America in 1929, the common belief is that ‘they protect your eyes from the sun and UV’.  But do they? Do your sunglasses actually ensure your eyes are safe from the sun’s harmful rays? In this day and age,
  • Maui Jim

    Maui Jim Sunglasses – Open Day Saturday 28th May – and you’re invited With summer fast approaching, you’ll no doubt be thinking of ways to make the most of the good weather in your Maui Jim sunglasses. That may be a holiday, attending a music festival, or even a garden party with your friends and
  • Affected by hay fever?

    Are-choo one of the 10 million people in the UK affected by hay fever? Hay fever – one of the most common yet irritating allergies known to man. It is estimated that over 10 million people in the UK are affected by hay fever each year, and yet there is still no cure. Apart from
  • Smoke

    Did you know, if you smoke you’re up to four times as likely to develop age related macular degeneration? It’s widely recognised that smoking is bad for your health. But one thing that’s routinely overlooked is the adverse affects of inhaling smoke has on your vision. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the
  • Colour Blindness

    Colour Blindness, 1 in 20 people are – could you be one of them? How much do you know about the issue commonly referred to as colour blindness? Despite this problem affecting around 2.7 million people in the UK, it is still relatively misunderstood. For example, did you know that there is more than one
  • Floaters/Flashes?

    Floaters, Floating shapes in your vision? – The Mystery Debunked Have you ever wondered what causes those floating spots, lines or shapes in your vision? Sometimes referred to as flashes or floaters, these pesky shapes always disappear when you try to look directly at them. This visual experience is a common phenomenon and usually not
  • Silhouette Open Day

    Psssst, you, yes you! EyeDeal Vision are holding an exclusive Silhouette Open Day on Saturday 12th March – and you’re invited Eyedeal Vision have got you covered with Silhouette. Had enough of your current specs? Fed up with bulky frames? Looking for something a little more elegant and stylish? If so, not to worry. We
  • Myopia

    Myopia – a growing problem amongst children in the UK? Myopia is the common optical term for short sightedness. People who have myopia have clear vision when focussing on objects that are close to them but distant objects often appear blurred. The light that reaches the eye from a distant object forms an image before
  • Practice Plan

    What is a Practice Plan? Make savings on your eye care by joining one of our fantastic practice plans Here at EyeDeal Vision, providing our patients with the best possible eye care at the best possible price is our ultimate goal. This is why everybody who visits us has the option to save some money
  • Diabetes and eye health

    How can diabetes affect my eye health and cause eye changes? Diabetes can affect your eye in a number of ways. The most serious eye condition associated with diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. This is where the network of blood vessels supplying the retina become blocked or leak, causing vision loss. The lens inside your eye
  • Lens Cataract

    What is a lens cataract? As we get older the lens inside our eye gradually changes and becomes less transparent. A lens that has turned misty, or cloudy, is said to have a cataract. Over time a cataract can get worse, gradually making your vision mistier. A straightforward operation can usually remove the misty lens
  • AMD

    What is Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)? Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye condition which mainly affects people over the age of 50. It is estimated that one in every 10 people over 65 has some degree of AMD. The disease attacks the macula of the eye, where our sharpest central vision occurs.
  • Fashion

    Take advantage of this year’s glasses trends with our stylish specs There was a time when wearing glasses was considered uncool or unflattering. Thankfully, times have changed and specs are making a fashion comeback. If you need glasses, now is the time to embrace this trend and find a pair to suit you. For women,
  • January Sale

    New year new look? Why not take advantage of EyeDeal Vision Opticians’ fantastic January sale and save up to 50% on your new specs? With the New Year rapidly approaching it’s time to start thinking about what 2016 holds for you. For many people, January 1st means New Year’s resolutions; starting to take advantage of
  • Driving

    83% of glasses wearers are also driving – do you fall into this bracket? Are you a driver? If so you’ve no doubt experienced driving at night or in bad weather conditions, causing you reduced vision. This can cause you to drive a little slower and become more aware of potential hazards. Your increased concentration
  • Crizal UV

    Look forward to 50% off your second pair of anti-glare lenses It’s always ideal to have a second pair of glasses of Crizal UV isn’t it? Whether you’re clumsy, forgetful or simply like having options, it can never hurt to be prepared. However, no matter how often you plan on wearing your spare specs, it’s