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Will wearing glasses make my eyes dependent on them?

Did you know wearing the wrong prescription will cause eye damage – That’s a myth. The truth is that corrective lenses are solely beneficial.

Normal wear does not weaken your eyes. Any belief that the eyes have weakened is due to the fact that when people first start wearing glasses they will transcend their blurry world and will find themselves in a new reality of clear crisp vision.

After they have worn corrective lenses for a time they may try to go without them and find that they believe they see worse than ever. Unless significant time has passed or there is a biological reason, their vision is not likely to have changed. These misinformed individuals simply have forgotten how poor their vision was in the first place.

Will reading too much will damage you eyes?

Myth. There is no degradation of vision simply by reading frequently, reading in dim light, or staring at a computer screen or TV screen for hours on end. The worst thing that can happen from reading for long periods of time is headaches and eye strain, which can be made worse if your are not wearing your glasses. Certain types of lighting and colour contrasts can cause eye strain to occur with greater swiftness but otherwise there are no negative consequences to reading for a long period of time.

Can long periods on the computer damage your eyes?

Starting at a computer screen for a long time is the similar to reading or watching television for long periods. This will not cause any damage but is likely to make the eyes feel tired, dry and strained. Frequent breaks are recommended every hour.

Are carrots good for the eyes?

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which are vital for the eye to function at 100% and provides protection for the eyes.

Do children inherit poor eye sight from their parents?

Children’s poor eye sight is genetically inherited but it is also encouraged by external factors to varying degrees.

I don’t need an eye test. I can see, my eyes are fine?

This is a false claim. As health professionals we can use specialised equipment to diagnosis different health conditions (Diabetes, Glaucoma, cancer, strokes and more) that may be present, underlying or if there is a strong family history link. Many eye diseases do not show any symptoms during the early stages and only through annual routine eye tests can these be picked up.

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