Dry Eyes

17-30% of the population will suffer from dry and gritty eyes

If you’re currently suffering from dry, gritty or watery eyes, then it can affect every aspect of your day. In the office while you’re looking at your computer screen, to reading or watching the television while you’re relaxing at home. Even the simplest of tasks can become a chore.

Symptoms such as dry and gritty eyes are associated with a condition called dry eyes. Dry eye affects 17-30% of the UK population and our team here at EyeDeal Vision find this statistic worrying. Especially as these avoidable symptoms, if left untreated, could eventually cause long-term visual problems.

Principal optician and owner of EyeDeal Vision, Mac Magudia has treated thousands of patients with dry eyes. He has over 30 years’ experience and will be able to ease your discomfort almost immediately, as well as advising an appropriate course of treatment to ensure your eyes are protected for the future.

Mac explains: “Dry eyes develop when your eyes are not being lubricated in the correct way; this is why you could be experiencing a dry, gritty and blurry sensation. The problem lies with either not creating enough tears or your tears are evaporating faster than they normally should.

“Dry eyes can be caused by a number of environmental factors such as air conditioning, as well as just feeling tired or ill. However, the main reason why people are suffering this condition is down to how much we use our smart phones, tablets and computers on a daily basis.”

You could ease your discomfort by altering the environmental factors that could be making it worse. Try simple changes like reducing the air conditioning, ensuring you drink lots of water and taking regular breaks away from any electronic devices.

However, if your symptoms persist, it is important to visit Mac at EyeDeal Vision to ensure you’re not suffering from an underlying medical condition.

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In any situation, you should always seek the advice of a professional, especially when it comes to arguably your most important sense. For more information or to visit Mac at EyeDeal Vision call 020 8524 2887 today and a member of our team will be happy to help.