Your lenses are the most important part of your specs, that’s why you need to consider them carefully.



You want to look and feel great. That’s why you spend a considerable amount of time choosing a frame design that makes you feel this way. However without the right lenses, your glasses are nothing more than a fashion accessory.

That’s why we strongly advise you put as much thought into your lenses as you do your frames. At EyeDeal Vision we work alongside some of the biggest names in the optical lens industry, including makes such as Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss. Essilor invented the very first Varifocal (Varilux/transitional) lens and they have been at the forefront of technology ever since.

We can also re-glaze your glasses in practice as we have our very own laboratory, allowing you – in some instances – to take home your new specs the very next day.

Did you know we can modify your lenses to enhance your vision, whether you’re at work, relaxing with friends or playing sports? We can apply a variety of different coatings and tints to your lenses, making them effective in different situations.

For example, if you play sports then coloured tints could enhance your peripheral vision, as well as your depth perception. Likewise, if you love to relax in the sun you should consider having polarised lenses and a UV anti-reflecting coating which will protect your eyes from glare and the sun’s harmful rays respectively. Maybe your glasses have a bit more wear and tear than most? We could add scratch resistant coating to protect your lenses and quality of vision.

At EyeDeal Vision you can find all types, from standard single vision lenses to varifocal options. For this reason, the choice may be overwhelming but please do not worry. A member of our expert team will carefully guide you through the options to ensure your lenses are the ideal combination for you and your lifestyle.

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If you would like some more information, or to have your lenses re-glazed, call EyeDeal Vision today on 020 8524 2887 and a member of our team will be happy to help.